THOR HOUSE   Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals

VICKI ASHTON COX   Double Bass,  Vocals

ANTONY ASHTON   Drums, Percussion

MATT FURNEAUX   Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals

AKASHA DRYDEN   Accordion, Cello

SASCHA HOUSE   Melodica, Vocals

Southern Spain, 2015

With a plan hatched for a European road trip we figured we'd busk our way around to earn a crust. "Let's start a band!" Gypsy Punk? Rockabilly? Country? Yeah - all of those.

Akasha could squeeze her old accordion, Matt could play guitar and shout at the same time, Vicki had her eye on a big double bass and Tony could hit things. The fact that we lived in separate countries slowed us down a bit...

Back in the UK , Tony and Vicki were joined for live gigs by twin sister Caroline on vocals and occasional cowbell, Justin 'Lumpy' Hinshelwood on guitar and Annie on keyboards and vocals.

We were rough but keen. We played for fun. Then we met Thor, god of music. With the patience of a saint he whipped us into shape and the Disappointments started to become something rather beautiful. We played a few gigs and then everything stopped...

With live gigs out of the question, 2020 was a year of writing, composing, arranging and recording. The result is our first album, due for release in 2021.

We never did go on the road trip.

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